Tuesday, May 24, 2005

the windowed secretary..(a song)

window secretary
telephone ordeal
a letter about change
to all

a candlewick's moaning
about teeth cleaning
a battalion of ingrates
picking at your nerves

can we put a window in?
to let the prisoner see the gate

can we put a window in?
as the feedback would be great

a good day in the forest
a bad head on the bus
a rose coloured pheasant

a million stupid questions
plus a hundredweight of fuss
makes for diry tables
and no line.

ab 24/V/05

the tune's better than the words though!



Roger Stevens said...

What a great lyric. Mystical and heartwarming, sensuous but with a hard, determined edge that all but cries for help as you, the listener, is entreated to join in - to sing - to shout... truly lovely.

Hey - you have a blog then!!!! I expect there was mention of this but I am still backlogging.

How the devil are you?

Roger Stevens said...

Hi again.

Can't get that song out of my head.

I'm off to cook a risotto now and watch

Roger Stevens said...

Another day passes.
No response.
When are you gonna blog again?

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