Saturday, May 07, 2005


it would appear that i have an allergy! after 38 apparently allergy free years it would appear that i have hayfever or something of that ilk.

aah the fresh mestre air, the petrochemical plant at marghera, the toxin riddled marshlands, the daily, gridlocked traffic system! i've never had an allergy before, at least not one i've known about (except one to the the thought of work, tend to bring me out in bouts of panic, swiftly followed by crippling apathy). now my eyes itch, my nose runs,my throat burns and i'm not best pleased about it.

it has to be the pollution. at 8 months joseph has bronchitis and a high fever, daniel a permanent cough and nic and i assorted 'respitory' allergy symptoms.
you know here people cry foul at the fact that the government is enforcing alternative number plate days in major cities and car-free sundays, as the car is seen as some sort of divine right, or so it would seem. with the car comes the right to park on the pavement and block pedestrian right of way, to turn left across 4 lanes of fast moving traffic to park in that reserved for disabled drivers space that some idiot has left free, to mount the pavement and force people with pushchairs into the hedge rather than wait for the car in front to move forward as the lights change, and to floor the accelerator and swerve violently so as to get passed the hapless fool who is crossing the road on the pedestrian crossing with the green man illuminated.

having your backside and your flies brushed by speeding wing mirrors is something else, believe me.

but don't try it.

ack, ack,aaaaaacckkk, ptoooeyyyy!

ahem, that would seem to be the last of that up then.

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