Sunday, October 25, 2009


Venus is made entirely out of felt and Alec Guinness predicted James Dean's death saying "If you go inside that car, in two weeks time you will not be alive." Radish is a meat and a major form of tooth loss. The TV remote control does not work on the fire, but that was an innocent mistake born out of Grant's and distraction. The lemon, the horse sized pills, the cat, the rabbit and someone panting like Rolf Harris.
Perhaps it is Rolf Harris. I am having trouble with 'f' this evening. I may have to press it harder or delete it from my vocabulary or just go to bed.

But is rather cold. She has a phobia of buttons "I'm not sewing one on!"
"You want a piece of me?"
"What like 'It's a Knockout'?" he replied to tumultuous applause.

The Greeks invented punctuation and believed that otters killed crocodiles by sneaking into their mouths to eat their entrails. They also inserted radishes into the bottoms of adulters . Plato was just a schoolboy nickname of the man who taught Aristotle, who in turn thought that buzzards had three testicles.

Let's hope we see the Pope carried over the heads of the cardinals with his testicles on show soon.

RoseErosRosa a painting (2m x 1.5m approx, emulsion, acrylic, charcoal, conte' crayon, glue and inkjet print on paper.)

Red Rose Overlay from Rose Wind Cycle

Roses Wind Cycle

Event Score (39cm x 80cm approx) Original has a red rose drawing overlay.

4 Images From 100 Surface Music Events