Monday, November 24, 2008

Frank's Revenge(s)



..and I have absolutely no idea how it happened!

Ay-O's Glue

Men in Hats

On the 19th I went to see Michael Gira / Angels of Light live in Venice. I have been listening to Gira's music since about 1983 mainly the Swans and now Angels of Light. He just keeps getting better and better!
The concert was just him and a guitar and was one of the best and most stirring live events I've seen for a long time. Incredible!
I'm a bit rubbish at describing why I like Michael's music so much so:

He also runs Young God Records and has been putting out some amazing new music by the likes of Akron/Family, Fire on Fire and his own Angels of Light stuff:

I did promise to not post the live shots and videos but I HAVE to put this up:
TWENTY FIVE YEARS this man has been in my house! Finally I get to say thanks!