Wednesday, July 06, 2005

boxes, boxes, everywhere

middle of moving house...

internet connection due to be lost on saturday..

who knows when the next update will be....

not that i suppose anyone is really bothered..

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michael leigh's flobberlob (weed?)
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a bit obscure in terms of reactions this one...
my oh my, what curios (sic) things. (go on jim take a look, go oooon jiiiiiimmmm!)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

wolfy's wedding

was lovely but i'm too tired to write about it now.

goodnight dear\surfer

wolfgang and cecilia, the newly weds, on top of the world (well up a big mountain anyway). the next day it pissed down continually. we drank fig grappa and thyen went home.

local butter with chives, in fact everything seemed to contain chives. might have just been grass though, there was plenty of that.

munch, munch, munch...

breakfast of champions. egger-alm, austria - no electricity, water from a stand pipe in the field, no real road to speak of, no mobile phone reception, hundreds of cows ans millions of flies.

francesco's pom-pom was a little over the top, especially when one considers the weather.

in the carpark at wolfy's stag night, and i really can't thin k of a decent comment! sad really....


aargh! the raging pizza thirsts!
like a fool i went for my favourite, which i now realise is not really my favourite nay more - the cavallino with garlic (see earlier post).
washed it down with one, small slovenian beer (i'm trying to be good and get me levels down).
last week i was eating really nice salads for lunch, shrimp, tuna etc and drinking water at work and i lost about 4 kg in 3 days and began to feel human - which was very weird, waking up not feeling like shite. i quite liked it. cutting out the booze is very hard though, although a wedding in austria and an impromptu night out last night at the local fish place, where the wine is no great help to the enamel of the teeth, but my god does the mouth feel clean!
is impromptu spelled correctly? shall i look it up?...

Forse cercavi: impromptu

yes it is spelled correctly, unlike the word i tapped into google which received the above reply.
anyway the best part of a litre of cheap white and 3 hefty sambuccas made the trip to supermarket a little difficult today.

i have completely lost my thread now, not that i had much of one to start with, but now i have no idae what to write about. oh dear i've gone all blank.


not as hot as it has been recently but i still feel like an edam that has been left too near the oven.

new house

we got the keys to our new flat the day before yesterday.
it's just along the road, it's an old apartment but it has been fully renovated, so finally we're going to have new stuff. a proper kitchen, a secure front door, air conditioning, a dishwasher...
in the 15 or so years that we've been together we've just moved every so often to a slightly better quality, old and crumbling flat. now we're going to a non crumbling, very nice old flat!

within 30 seconds of our front door we have: a butcher, a fruit and veg shop, a fishmonger and fish deli, a wine store, a pizzeria and a supermarket. within 1 minute a pub, 3 bars, 2 cake shops, 3 hairdressers and a shop that sells just about everything that you'll probably never need but will probably by anyway just because, well, you never know.