Sunday, July 03, 2005

new house

we got the keys to our new flat the day before yesterday.
it's just along the road, it's an old apartment but it has been fully renovated, so finally we're going to have new stuff. a proper kitchen, a secure front door, air conditioning, a dishwasher...
in the 15 or so years that we've been together we've just moved every so often to a slightly better quality, old and crumbling flat. now we're going to a non crumbling, very nice old flat!

within 30 seconds of our front door we have: a butcher, a fruit and veg shop, a fishmonger and fish deli, a wine store, a pizzeria and a supermarket. within 1 minute a pub, 3 bars, 2 cake shops, 3 hairdressers and a shop that sells just about everything that you'll probably never need but will probably by anyway just because, well, you never know.

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michael said...

It sounds very nice. Good luck with all who sail in her.