Wednesday, November 16, 2005

blogger plug in for firefox

i found a plugin for firefox that, with a simple click of the old right mouse button, lets you add stuff to you blog, directly from the webpage.

just how nerdy am i?!?!?

Google Directory - Arts > Art History > Periods and Movements > Fluxus

Google Directory - Arts > Art History > Periods and Movements > Fluxus

Rose-Kim Knits: FFFO!

Rose-Kim Knits: FFFO!
well then, now there's a funny thing.

pity you can't see it!

dull news

things have all gone a bit flat here. i've been fairly productive in my absence from work, apart from looking after sick babies i've been working on some

series of digital prints. some sets are colour photos altered to resemble b&w photocopies, others are photo-collages and others tracings of texts.

disinterred and old project '100 surface music events' and am working on 'surface music event #s 101-107', which are tracings.

but i still don't feel as if my brain's working properly - it feels like it's been removed and replaced with a wet towel covered in mashed potato.

squashing sleepiness

had some friends here from the UK at the weekend. i felt like it was the first time i'd had a proper conversation with someone apart from nic for a loooong time. at times i felt as if i must have been talking like a machine gun, trying to get out everything i wanted to say. yet when i sit down here to write, be it this blog or a biography i want to write for a fluxlist project, my concentration goes, i get confused, someone swaps the keys around on the computer

i'm sure, and i'm hit with crushing tiredness.

so that's it.

apart from this bit

lo scorpione marino shouts gerry scotti from the living room, a bell rings and someone gets a point.
the light flickers and i fear it may not have been the bulb after all, the championess has 11 letters.
and my eyelids feel as if they have been tranquilised and lead coated with a layer of fine sand applied to the inside just to make the onion produced

sulphuric acid works more effectively.

bob's glass was empty but he didn't care, for the boys' branzino had just turned up and was infinitely more preferably than the oversalted shellfish pasta that the grown ups had got. try as he may bob just couldn't fix it.

bob was surprised by the size of dad's mussels..

bob came for dinner in the antico carbonero, where the boys ate better then the adults

Joseph and Daniel went for Sprizz with Daddy, Florian, Piazza San Marco, Nov 2005

Friday, November 11, 2005

bah! bah! perfumy pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!

just don't seem to be able to write anything here at the moment, nothing of any interest anyway. by the time i've got time i'm usually too tired anyway.
we've got one of the boys at home from nursery this week with a chest infection. he's fine but very demanding, at that age where you simply can't let them out of your sight. today he's very tired and feeling very sorry for himself due to his cold i assume, and i think that he's teething too. i've just got him to bed for an afternoon nap, but i don't reckon it'll last that long.
i suppose it's a luxury being able to spend this much time with the children, but i am so down and confused that it become very stressful. just getting my thoughts organised enough to make his lunch took me best part of the morning. i did make a rather splendid fish pie though! tonight they've got sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot soup, which was rather nice too (modest li'l devil ain't i?), but the parsley gave it a bit of a perfumy taste.

been at home again this week, still on the sick, and with the exception of a funeral all i've done is look after a sick baby, do the shopping and pop in to bar vittoria for the odd coffee on the way back from picking the other one up from nursery. i'm trying to work on a series of large scale photo-montages, computer manipulated digital collages if you like, but every time i try to start someone cries.

perhaps there's a message there?

or i'm simply too knackered.

and i'm still convinced that the tablets have a negative effect. i can't even play my guitar properly now! i'm off again next week, the boyo should be back at nursery, perhaps the free time will help...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

alan bowman / the freeformfreakout organsation

alan bowman / the freeformfreakout organsation

woo! cool! i can blog directly from my web browser....
now, if only i could think of something to write about dot dot dot

blog this you bugger

just found the 'blog this' extension for firefox.

let's see if it works...

ooh strange! i can still smell the 'elch blut' spirit and the blackcurrant grappa from last night!


three thoughts

there's always an oddfellow!
be it a sock or michael leigh...

it's always my sock!
but i hear maichael is anyones for a pint of tofu pilsner...

for lunch you can do mince or whatever and for tea scrambled egg for the boys.

the last thought wasn't mine

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


below should be a couple of images. i'm trying uploading direct to blogger instead of using 'hello'.

you should see a couple of doctored photos of the venetian lagoon.


i fiddled with this one a bit! laguna di venezia, 31 X 05


venice, 31st october 2005

Zod off

Missed Zorro!

Got sidetracked trying to add Reed's link to this blog

Masks Tickets Performer Ballerina Star's Door

Been working on a project for reed altemus. have to send 6 to 8 prints. so far have made 3 sets. one set of games, which looks crap but the idea's there, one illustrated set of 'telephone events', originally written for emily harvey's memorial service. and one set of 'visual poems' based on a tracing of a ascii poem of a hexadecimal code poem from years ago.
the games were all produced on the computer from scratch. there's join the dots (3), freeformfreakout organisation snap (2 versions), fffo hangman (which looks awful) and noughts and crosses.

the telephone events are illustrated with photographs. colour photos that i took around my home and at san giuliano, the park area at the end of the 'ponte della libertà' on the venetian lagoon, which faces out to venice herself. crap park, amazing view! the photos were turned b&w, had the contrast fiddled with and then turned into bitmaps to emulate photocopies. don't ask!

the poem was inspired by my flicking through 'an anthology of concrete poetry' which emmett williams gave me a few years ago and which i haven't picked up, well, for a few years. if i remember rightly i wrote to reed asking if the pieces should be images, texts or whatever and he replied that so far much of the stuff he'd got was image based so perhaps something different...
my mind immediately went blank. and began producing pictures! i came very close to simply writing 8 pages on depression, anxiety and crises of confidence. i also came close to writing a piece on why i couldn't produce the piece. but i couldn't do it, my mind was blank.
so as an exercise in (torturous) concentration i traced a page of ascii text which was produced when trying to print an incompatible file in windows. the result is quite pleasing, considering. i like the one, lone, almost coherent line:

"Masks Tickets Performer Ballerina Star's Door".

the rest of it has a scandinavian feel, lots of ys with dots and and stuff.

I read it aloud in my head in the bathroom in memory of jackson mac low, who i met a few times and don't think ever shared more than a few words with, and they were probably 'would you like some more rice?'

i think i'll have to do some more 'graphical work'. the medication i'm on seems to be interfering with the normal chaos which is my average state of mind.
beginning to feel stressed, low and dulled! bah! should go in the garage and draw big pictures, then photograph them and send them to people...
perhaps i could do some venetian 'surface music events', it's been a very long time.

then again i might just go and watch zorro.