Friday, November 11, 2005

bah! bah! perfumy pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!

just don't seem to be able to write anything here at the moment, nothing of any interest anyway. by the time i've got time i'm usually too tired anyway.
we've got one of the boys at home from nursery this week with a chest infection. he's fine but very demanding, at that age where you simply can't let them out of your sight. today he's very tired and feeling very sorry for himself due to his cold i assume, and i think that he's teething too. i've just got him to bed for an afternoon nap, but i don't reckon it'll last that long.
i suppose it's a luxury being able to spend this much time with the children, but i am so down and confused that it become very stressful. just getting my thoughts organised enough to make his lunch took me best part of the morning. i did make a rather splendid fish pie though! tonight they've got sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot soup, which was rather nice too (modest li'l devil ain't i?), but the parsley gave it a bit of a perfumy taste.

been at home again this week, still on the sick, and with the exception of a funeral all i've done is look after a sick baby, do the shopping and pop in to bar vittoria for the odd coffee on the way back from picking the other one up from nursery. i'm trying to work on a series of large scale photo-montages, computer manipulated digital collages if you like, but every time i try to start someone cries.

perhaps there's a message there?

or i'm simply too knackered.

and i'm still convinced that the tablets have a negative effect. i can't even play my guitar properly now! i'm off again next week, the boyo should be back at nursery, perhaps the free time will help...

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michael said...

For someone who has nothing to say you sure have a lot to say! I wish i could be as errudite when disgussing my daily chores!
I remeber when Archie was that age when , at last, gawd blimey, he's dropped off for his mid-day nap and i could do a quick bit of mail art or something before he woke up. And then later you dont want them to sleep during the day because then they stay up all night! you just can't win. But soon they are suddenly spotty teenagers and you get all nostalgic for the baby days again. well, sometimes .