Thursday, November 29, 2007

Akron/Family Angels of Light

Akron/Family Angels of Light

we are at the moment stunned by the Akron/Family Angels of Light record (Available at )

It's one of the best things we've heard for ages. We are also looking forward to the imminent arrival of the Fire on Fire EP, also from Young God Records.

Long Live Michael Gira and All Who Sail in Him!

Currently listening :
Akron/Family & Angels of Light
By Akron
Release date: By 08 November, 2005

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just burnt my tongue testing tonight's ribollita.
It's taken so bloody long to cook I am no longer hungry, having eaten all the bread I was supposed to toast to put in it!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Just watched 30 seconds of Gigi d'Alessio cutting bread.

Seemed like MUCH longer!

Gigi d'Alessio come up as incorrect in the spellcheck too, as does spellcheck. Spell check, it would seem, is better. Alternatives for Gigi d'Alessio are Gigi passionless, Gigs Recessional, Gig Expressionless and Gigi depression.

Decide for yourself :


Michael, you is probably right. So I have decided to keep this blog open. (Oh, the word blog comes up as incorrect/unknown on y browser's spellcheck..)

No doubt that not a lot will occur, but anything I post on the other one I should post here too.
'Tis neater here.