Thursday, December 04, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Frank's Revenge(s)



..and I have absolutely no idea how it happened!

Ay-O's Glue

Men in Hats

On the 19th I went to see Michael Gira / Angels of Light live in Venice. I have been listening to Gira's music since about 1983 mainly the Swans and now Angels of Light. He just keeps getting better and better!
The concert was just him and a guitar and was one of the best and most stirring live events I've seen for a long time. Incredible!
I'm a bit rubbish at describing why I like Michael's music so much so:

He also runs Young God Records and has been putting out some amazing new music by the likes of Akron/Family, Fire on Fire and his own Angels of Light stuff:

I did promise to not post the live shots and videos but I HAVE to put this up:
TWENTY FIVE YEARS this man has been in my house! Finally I get to say thanks!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Danger Music #2 Bowman Styleeee.......

Dick Higgins: Danger Music Number 2 (1961)
a variation....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Frank Shuffles Off

From the Album "Lunatic Fringe Benefits (Chamber Pot Music II)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

N.B. Counter added 24-06-08


This is the piece of industrial embroidering machine pattern roll which was the stimulus for the "Orsini Pattern" Project. Below are examples of drawings, diagrams and scores generated from this pattern and its subsequent translation into music and alphabetic notation. Audio recordings based on the pattern also exist.
"Orsini Pattern" is an ongoing project.

Orsini Pattern for Alison and Emmett

These is the first piece drawn using the 'Orsini Pattern' and the starting point of the whole project.
One way is for Alison, the other for Emmett.

Orsini Pattern Initial Score Diagrams

Orsini Pattern (Drawings - book - w.i.p.)

Orsini Pattern (Primary Scores, for Piano and Other Instruments including Voice)

Orsini Poem 1


(Sugar, card and food colouring on newsprint)

Orsini Pattern (Misc)

Ah Sweet Music!
(sugar, card on newsprint)

(sugar and printed score of newsprint)

(abandoned - beeswax, spices and peppercorns on manuscript paper - grilled)