Monday, March 31, 2008

Allan Revich in a Red Circle

Original video by Nicolas Carras:

Allan Revich plays his harmonica
The Freeformfreakout Organisation monkey around with it.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, well, well... can tell
that I

nothing better

to do

this evening....

Reflection (laguna 2008)

Reflection (laguna 2008)


Hummus or houmus
Until the bill for the toothpaste
I reckon that his essence is directly linked to her ability to wear shocking pink whilst making coffee. I'm not so sure about where the chilli peppers fit into it all though.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Night in Mestre

On Saturday Night in Mestre:

Signora Rosa intends to sing Zingara for us
Should we turn the lights out?
Lazio 1 Inter 1 News Just in.
"Prendi questa mano Zingara"

Shall we start again from the top?
"Prendi questa mano Zingara"
Takethis hand gypsy
I am not afraid

And the orchestra cannot play for laughing
And the people rattle pots and pans
How? How?
I don't want to salute him
I just want him to know I'm here.

Then the gangster smoked cigars

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Found Under the Bed 22, 23 & 24

"Surface Music Events, Scores", acrylic, guache, crayon on newsprint, date long forgotten

Found Under the Bed 21

"Chart of the Lost ViaLorenzago Archipelago", Drawing, date unknown

Found Under the Bed 19 & 20

"Table Surface Scores, L & R", 1997/8 (?)

Found Under the Bed 18

"Whizz, Bang, Crackle, Pop! The Moleculare Structure of Chinese New Year as seen by Europeans", drawing, date unknown

Found Under the Bed 17

"The Genetic Design of Boredom, Speeded Up a Bit", drawing, date unknown

Found Under the Bed 16

"Simple Plans for a Stained Glass Universe", drawing, date unknown

Found Under the Bed 15

"Impossible Machine", etching, 1997(?)

Found Under the Bed 13 & 14

"Surface Music Scores"

Found Under the Bed 12

"Alan Bowman's Friedfrozenboiledblahblahblah.....for the Venice Biennale", wasn't used....

Found Under the Bed 11

"Philip Corner went to Hospital", 2002

Found Under the Bed 10

Self Portrait (unfinished, 2002(?))

Found Under the Bed 8 & 9

"Oh Crumbs!"

Found Under the Bed 6 & 7

The Untied Kingdom

Found Under the Bed 4 & 5

Collage (!), date unknown

Found Under the Bed 2 & 3

Water Music Event Scores, 2003

Found Under the Bed 1

Surface Music Event Score, date unknown