Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Masks Tickets Performer Ballerina Star's Door

Been working on a project for reed altemus. have to send 6 to 8 prints. so far have made 3 sets. one set of games, which looks crap but the idea's there, one illustrated set of 'telephone events', originally written for emily harvey's memorial service. and one set of 'visual poems' based on a tracing of a ascii poem of a hexadecimal code poem from years ago.
the games were all produced on the computer from scratch. there's join the dots (3), freeformfreakout organisation snap (2 versions), fffo hangman (which looks awful) and noughts and crosses.

the telephone events are illustrated with photographs. colour photos that i took around my home and at san giuliano, the park area at the end of the 'ponte della libertà' on the venetian lagoon, which faces out to venice herself. crap park, amazing view! the photos were turned b&w, had the contrast fiddled with and then turned into bitmaps to emulate photocopies. don't ask!

the poem was inspired by my flicking through 'an anthology of concrete poetry' which emmett williams gave me a few years ago and which i haven't picked up, well, for a few years. if i remember rightly i wrote to reed asking if the pieces should be images, texts or whatever and he replied that so far much of the stuff he'd got was image based so perhaps something different...
my mind immediately went blank. and began producing pictures! i came very close to simply writing 8 pages on depression, anxiety and crises of confidence. i also came close to writing a piece on why i couldn't produce the piece. but i couldn't do it, my mind was blank.
so as an exercise in (torturous) concentration i traced a page of ascii text which was produced when trying to print an incompatible file in windows. the result is quite pleasing, considering. i like the one, lone, almost coherent line:

"Masks Tickets Performer Ballerina Star's Door".

the rest of it has a scandinavian feel, lots of ys with dots and and stuff.

I read it aloud in my head in the bathroom in memory of jackson mac low, who i met a few times and don't think ever shared more than a few words with, and they were probably 'would you like some more rice?'

i think i'll have to do some more 'graphical work'. the medication i'm on seems to be interfering with the normal chaos which is my average state of mind.
beginning to feel stressed, low and dulled! bah! should go in the garage and draw big pictures, then photograph them and send them to people...
perhaps i could do some venetian 'surface music events', it's been a very long time.

then again i might just go and watch zorro.

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