Saturday, October 29, 2005


mmm, just finished making a new soup - not so 'improvised' as the two on, as i sort of bought one of the ingredients deliberately to go with the ones i knew i had in the house. so it was a kind of premeditated soup. fennel, sweet potato and carrot with a touch of black pepper and garlic. it's very lightly seasoned so that the boys can eat it as well. no added salt - i used some stock cubes and i fear they may have had enough salt to mummify at leaste one of us.

i have to be careful what i eat now. trying to eliminate possible causes of certain ailments, more blood tests - this time for pernicious anaemia amongst other things! seems like a lots of stuff is not going as i'd like it to, i often think that its purely down to stress.

i'm on the sick, doctor's orders, he gave me longer than i'd have liked. but then again that's not really true, i'd like to not have to go to work at all!

but as a teacher you sort of always feel a bit guilty if you're not there (with younger children i suppose that is). the place can however make you feel really guilty, the boss and the parents get really shirty if a teacher is ill - very unfair.

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michael said...

Get well soon! I made a pumpkin stew the other day that could have been a soup if I had put it through a seive! I made vegetarian suet (dont ask!) dumplings for it which helped a lot- giving it a very lumpy and a filling demenour!