Sunday, October 09, 2005

friends and kitchen acoustics and grappa

funny how having children children seems to erase your number from peoples phone books.

and i'm not the type to go on about babystuff. i am absolutely in love with my boys but i'm also aware that on the whole my friends do'nt really want to hear about about them all the time.

oh well....

luckily at the moment i'm quite happy staying in, working on some music projects and a couple of websites (well i'm at the thinking stage there anyway).
walter cianciusi's 'fluxus anthology' cd project and rod stasick's 'job_app' (based on the works of john m. bennett) have got me going.

been recording a load of experimental stuff, but more interestingly i've been working on a lot of new guitar based stuff, both new songs and covers. so far ive put down some acoustic/samples mixes of 'working class hero' and ' love will tear us apart' (acoustic guitar and 'kitchen' being the instruments used).
the mixes are pretty rough as i'm working solely on a laptop with no professional mic, but the approach i've found for the covers and the new original tunes which as yet have no texts) is actually quite exciting for me - the first time i've been actually excited and inspired to play for a long time for reasons of music and not only for booze and the chance to let rip and pretend to be someone else.

friends again:
i have to be honest, because i can't get out for the old 'sprizz hour' (aperatif) and most people go out to eat, which i tend to do at home to at least spend some baby-free time with nic, and nobody seems to just nip out for a pint - i haven't really been making any efort to go out.

did go out the other evening with nic and a couple of friends (we had a babysitter! yep grandma was here). an agriturismo - set menu, set price, no hassle, unlimited wine...and then my downfall (he types slurping a larg jack daniels single barrel), grappa. it's been a long time, and i did give it a good go, there's something about a full bottle that just brings out the competative side in me! know, i don't think i really like jack daniels all that much. i prefer a good scotch and a good irish too.

anyway after the grappa we went to bar vittoria for another coffee, so i had a couple of mojitos (couldn't pronounce caffè, not enough syllables!)

last sunday was a washout...

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