Sunday, October 09, 2005

firebomb telecom and petrol pumps full o' wine

well then, it's been a fair old while since i've been able to get anything posted here. we can thank telecom italia for that. ten phone calls and ten different reasons why the ADSL line is not up and running after the transfer of the line from the old house to the new. turns out that all those reasons were a load of cobblers as the eleventh and twelve phonecalls came up with the same answer - the phone line in the new house is not yet capable of supporting ADSL.
but thanks to we now have dial up, so at least michael leigh will have something to read!

it's strange, i've being looking forward to getting back on here and now i am i can't think of anything to say!

just been out across the road for some wine. 5 litres of pinot grigiot - 7euro! took the old flask across to massimo in the cantina and got a refill. man tha place is too close! drinking that juice can be dangerous to a soul, via san donà is a busy road to cross witha a 5l flagon, thank the great gods of valhalla that there was no rain to oil the skidpan outside bruno's butcher shop. the curve before the co-op instills madness in the minds of the demon fiat punto drivers who can hit mach2 before whipping the skirts of mara while she organises the onions outside the family fruit and veg shop, before vapourising their tyres whilst slamming on the anchors to avoid the instable inebriates fresh from their tocai fuelled card games in the bar noone knows the name of, crossing the road to the betting shop after pizzeria alice.

it's a wise man who keeps his eyes open and his flask away from the oncoming around these parts at teatime.


Björn Eriksson said...

aaahh... the demon punto drivers! Thanks for bringing me these colorful scenes!


michael said...

Well done bjorn(sorry cant make those little dots oveer the "o") on Englands success and how they have dragged themselves screaming and kicking into the World Cup 2006.

Good to see you posting again Alan. If only all blogs were this much fun. I keep clicking on the "Next blog" button and blimey! they are so D-U-L-L! I thought my life was pretty ordinairy and I was an inarticulate wozzak but I see that I am not.