Monday, October 10, 2005


As the pea-green bunny sidled up to the dimpled butterfly i told that god damned tangerine frog to close his ugly mouth and keep an eye out for the blue strawberry.
"Hey cool it little crippled buddha man!" he replied hollow-eyed from his hiding place right out in the open.

"Watch that bunny you citrus tinged French Lieutenant's lunch!" I hissed from my perch on Cleopatra's breast. "He's already had it away with the reindeer, he left only the antlers underneath that apple there!"

"Did you know that the reindeer in Spain are usually difficult to explain?" ventured my wide-mouthed watchman. Out in the open he was exposed to the sun, accepting his cheque from the gutter pressman in the gutter he put his trousers back on. The heat had, I feared, given our position away as there was a strong smell of chicken coming from the direction of the obvious french gentleman who was covering on a plum leaf, staring at entirely thewrong rabbit.

"Shut up and watch that bunny man!" I whispered in a shout.

"Hey! Spare us the Cuttering remarks, for under this Killing Moon I am ready, even Crocodiles couldn't move me from my task. I'll watch the rabbit you just watch the butterfly!"

And with that he tripped the waiter.

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