Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Faceless Lion Inspired Lesser Knuckle Injury

The waiter, being hard of hearing, accepted the ten euro note with Good Grace. After a while however he realised that Good Grace no longer worked there and saw no reason to share the bank note with her. The waiter, Walter informed Good Grace in no uncertain terms, using certain terms that on hearing Good Manners simply got up and walked away, that he was not prepared to share the red note. Good Grace took the pip but Walter did not care, for he had finished with it.
Realising that both she and the pip were finished in the story, Good Grace left with Good Will. Will was surprised.

Watching all of this from the bosom of some long defunct, dead Egytpian bird I began to realise that I would have to eventually admit the fact that I was stuck. My fowl legged Gallic friend had long since flown the coop, but notwithstanding (in fact with a lot of without vomiting) had long since come back.
The waiter tripping, the lack lustre butterfly link had been entirely his idea.

I on the other hand, before this evening, had been on my other knees trying to make sense of my dear friend Noah. As twisted as things may get I thought, at least I'll have Noah dear! Which is often better than not.

Meanwhile musing meanly my attention was drawn and my curiosity photocopied, and both posted to an anonymous address. Realising the gravity of the situation I hit the floor with a tremendous thump, a clattering crunch and the palm of my hand.

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