Saturday, May 14, 2005

high spirits and other things...

well then, i went to the doctor this morning and it turns out that amongst other things i've got high blood pressure. but surely not! i am waaayyyy too young for that sort of thing.
hmmm, 'twould appear not. anyway it explains a lot and means that at least i don't have asthma.

°°°75% of young italians who are involved in serious road accidents have parents who have caused or been involved in serious road accidents.°°°

anyway, i no longer smoke, don't use salt and rarely use it to season, my beer intake is minimum (wine and whisky is another matter though but), i'm careful around fatty foods (they can ruin your shirt), don't own a butter dish and use only extra virgin olive oil (which is lovely but very hard to get the top off!)

what the hell do i give up? STRESS!? oh yes please, get me away from that school and those bloody stupid parents. mass hysteria (appropriate one supposes for a catholic country) abounds! children are falling over in the playground and parents are threatening lawsuits! unbe-effing-lievable!!!! they are getting out of control here, but that's perhaps another blog. what people tend to forget is that; state school is obligatory, our private school is not. parents choose to send their children to us (thank goodness!) however, just as they have the right and opportunity to request enrolment with us, we have the right to say no and to send kids packing if they don't tow the line.
me, i'd keep the kids and expel the parents! especialy those who send their kids to our english primary and middle school (in italy), with its british educational philosopy and methodology and then demand we change our programmes, curriculum and teaching methods because it's different to what they did 30 years ago in the italian state system and anyway they don't speak/understand english so can't follow what their child is doing in class.

°°°here take my car signora.°°°


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