Tuesday, May 24, 2005

hi ate us her knee aarggh!

well then!
here we are again, finally i have found time to log in and realise that i have in fact nowt to say, nowt of any interest anyway.
busy week, had 'grandad' and 'great nana' here - good stuff, nice to have the company and the help. got the chance to go to venice for a trip around all the 'baccari' and osterie, me, 'grandad' and a couple of the lads. much wine was drunk, drank and drinked, polpettas, baby octopus, sardines of all sizes and recipes, artichoke hearts, baccala' and prawns eaten, eated and ate. 'sbeen a long time since i've had the time to get to venice for a night out. lad, did we make up for it.

pity i can't remember what we ate that well and the range of wines was broad and cheap!

dinner tonight was left over
the beauty of the alhambra is extraordinary, the exquisite tilework, its playful use of water and light...)
chicken chasseur, washed down with an obstinate little merlot, which i fear i am having to attempt to wash down with the old stravecchio branca.

it's mind boggling to contemplate what the loss of spain meant to islam.

i went to school with islam, i didn't even know he owned spain! he didn't even collect 'soccer stars'! newcastle was dead solid to complete.

got, got, got, got, got, got, need, got, got, got, got, need,got, got, neeeeed.
ah gan on man swapsies! two asa hartfords for tommy craig!

apparently god is light.what like miller?

did you hear about the dyslexic, agnostic, imsomniac?
he lay awakew all night wondering if there really was a dog!

boom boom.

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