Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deja vu event for Fluxlist

i walked down the road,
i walked across the piazza,
i hopped on a bus when perhaps it would have been advisable to get on and travel in a more conventional manner, it being rush hour and all that.
i jumped off the bus, much to the surprise of the old lady who was gingerly stepping off in front of me.
"how can you step of gingerly with grey?" hair i asked politely,
"o santo cielo, lasciarmi stare o me ciamo e carabinier! ti ga capio baordo??" she replied somewhat less politely.
i dashed across the road dodging fiats, something twanged and i hobbled along the path to nichelino.
i wolfed down a chocolate brioche, sipped a cappucino and smiled sheepishly as i paid andrea with shrapnel.
andrea politely pointed out that as from tomorrow he would be happier if i paid with money.
i trudged back across the road and traipsed along the path on the other side, skulking into work i slinked past the office, deftly avoiding irate parents and disgruntled colleagues. slipping downstairs i made a mental note not to wear skis to work again and went into my office. shrugging of my coat and inhaling deeply i prepared for class five maths.
i ran up the stairs almost as quickly as my nose which this year appears to be suffering from a smog and pollen allergy.
i walked into class.
after 5 minutes i ran out of patience.

now i find myself running out of ideas....

posted today on Fluxlist as part of a Writing Action Event instruction posted by Allan Revich (I think!)

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Deja Rod said...

My kitty kompanion of nearly 25 years was named "Deja Vu" - we had to put her to sleep exactly 2 years ago today. Bittersweet day today.