Tuesday, May 10, 2005


why do we pronounce discount, 'discount' and viscount 'viscount'?
i think we should make the different pronunciation of the 'ough' sound in english interchangeable
normally plough = plow, cough = coff, dough = doe and rough = ruff etc. but what if it wasn't obligatory?

try explaining 'hurry up and slow down!' to italian 9 year olds.
or 'you need to start stopping that now'

we pluff the fields and scatter.......
i'd like to sign a bit more but i'm afraid i have an irritating, chesty cow which prevents me from doing so.


Allan Revich said...

Maybe you should teach the kids "anti-english" English to go along with the Fluxus anti-art art?

John M. Bennett said...

Or teach silence. That'll drive 'em around the bends -