Saturday, May 28, 2005


last night my surrogate 'niece' gave me a present.
a 6 canvass work, in cruciform showing the sign of the cross, bt in reverse.
luckily i was baptised c of e, am a non believer and most definitely not catholic. there one thinks, dear reader that my chances of excommunication are slim.

perhaps an exorcism may be of some use.

or electro-shock therapy.

or a simple lobotomy...

but not for me though but! oh no dear reader, read dearer, mandrake, goose and/or liver paté.
did he get the right accent there one wonders, won oneders? what accent should it have been typed in six fiveders?
my surrogate niece, who i love dearly is the very talented jelena arsenic. who should be famous just for the name!

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