Monday, May 02, 2005

sleepless babies and a cheeky li'l pinot grigio..

actually i lied about the pinot grigio, it's not really that cheeky at all more sort of washed out and lethargic. shame really, should have stuck to the cabernet franc (which is also a nickname of mine - frank cabernet), unfortunately i drank all the cabernet whilst making dinner. filleted chicken breast, rolled and stuffed with prosciutto crudo with a garlic butter baste and roasted on sliced salame. the salame idea was an experiment...we are out of olive oil and i thought the salame would give a bit of flavour and stop the chicken sticking.

i was right!

right now we are trying to get joseph (one of our 8 month old twins) to go to bed - he however seems intent on watching 'minority report', reckons that tom cruise is better in italian. might have a point there.

joseph likes neko case and mercury rev at the moment, daniel is more into stiff little fingers and a bit of jah wobble, not a bad start.

all, some or none of this is true.

i reckon i'm having a bit of a crisis at the moment. i'll be 40 next year, that in its self doesn't really bother me, it's looking to the past and the future that does! the intended content of a future ramble. for now my back and knees hurt too much, from spending yesterday afternoon under the blazing sun, painting hopscotch on the schoolyard. oh what a life i lead - from working/performing with assorted fluxus peoples to hopscotch and lower back pain.

ooh! this blog lark's a bit strange, i feel a bit inhibited....hmm not as easy as all that especially when yer tourettes and ad/hd kicks in (i don't have the hyperactivity bit, but the attention deficit bit,ooooh yes!). i'm a bit miffed really as the TSA haven't witten back yet.
and you lose your thread.

apparently italian parents feed their babies with metal spoons to break the gums to allow the teeth to come though.

well it seems as if joseph has become bored with the film. oh no! it's daniel who's up and screaming now..quick nanny! the brandyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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