Friday, May 13, 2005

the family crest of my mam's, mam's family. colquhoun. my mam is quite chuffed about the whole clan thing and i can understand that, you can trace your name back to a definite place (including in time). she has discovered little about our colquhoun ancestors, BUT dear reader she has discovered that we are descended from isaac tucker of isaac tocker and sons, brewers!! the brewery was down gateshead and at one time was quite a big affair eventually bought out by courage or whitbread, iìm not sure which. see it's in my blood! i found an old tucker's brewery bottle on a stall in durham market once, it felt strange finding a piece of my family's distant past......


Victoria Moffitt said...

It seems we have a family connection. My great great grandmother was Mary Tucker, of Tucker breweries of Gateshead, England. She married Andrew(?) Bowlt around 1850, I'm guessing. Their son Andrew Bowlt had 4 children & was a coppersmith. His eldest, Dorothy Masterman Bowlt was my grandmother. She married Thomas Moffitt, was widowed & remarried James Hetherington & worked for Scottish/Newcastle breweries for many years before retiring in 1970 or so. I was very interested in reading your blog & hope you are enjoying Italy.

Alan Bowman said...


If you read this please drop me a line.


Tom and Pat said...

We are Victorias parents. Thomas Moffitt is the son of Dorothy Bowlt-Moffitt-Hetherington. Her father was Andrew Bowlt. His father was also Andrew Bowlt who married Dorothy
Sharp whose father was the incumbent vicar of Bamburgh Castle. Her father was Thomas Sharp.