Tuesday, May 03, 2005

bah! rats! phooey!

i'm torn.
i'm torn between the desire to write something in this blog and the desire not to simply write for the sake of it.

i'm sick.
i'm sick of having ideas and then being unable to get any further than that!
i'm sick of not have the time.
i'm sick of getting so far through a list of things i'm sick of and then losing my thread, rendering the whole thing, well, pointless really.

that's all part of it really, an inability to concentrate because your head is too full, your thoughts flow like a film in which every three frames the scene changes.
the television is driving me crazy, it is too invasive when i'm like this. i'm not watching it but the sound gets in and mixes everytjing up.

malbech (marca trevigiana) tonight. very nice, it was on offer and is really rather good for little more than €3. a local vinyard, just up the road in treviso. the old main road to treviso, the terraglio, runs past the school.

i've lost the want to go to treviso. the boys were born there in the special babycare unit at the hospital. i was in the middle of the road a good 10 minutes run from there when nic phoned to tell me they were taking her in for the op.
it was about 40 degrees and 90% humidity outside. i made puddles in the waiting room whilst two tiny bowmans were brought into the world.

andiamo in spiagga con frisbee! god that tv is invasive!

i hope it doesn't rain tomorrow, i have to paint another hopscotch.

i'm sick of never been able to actually remember just what i have done all day and what it is i have to remember and what it is i wanted to write about!

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