Monday, May 30, 2005

sitting in the fridge and other desires

gripple me nadgers, it's hot today. actually it was hot today, now it's night. it's still hot though. the curse of the sunkissed house. actually it's more like sun-snogged against its will and reluctantly accepting a bit of a feel.

it's too hot to work, and nobody can deny me that excuse. i had the brilliant idea of getting a bit of a skive this morning by taking class four up to the computers, for a bit of internet based research on light and sound.
so up we go, switch on the 11 terminals and find it difficult to see the screens after half an hour for the rivulets of sweat trickling down our brows and into our eyes.
11monitors, 12 kids, roof space room, 30 odd degrees outside, 90% humidity.
..if bains were dynamite i fear i may not have enough to blow me hat off!

a nicely chilled pinot grigio accompanies the home made foccaccia (cheese, garlic and pepper) and salad. don't know whether to drink the win, or tip it over my head.
perhaps i'll just drink it and hold the bottle near my temple for a brief moment.

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