Sunday, June 19, 2005

wolfie's wedding

wolf is the only person i know who has organised his stag-night for after the wedding.
wedding last week, stag night next week. in an 'agriturismo' - good home grown food and wine - i may break the odd rule....

we were in an agriturismo, which is basically self-sufficient, family run restaurant in the sticks, yesterday. the speciality of this one in mogliano veneto is musetto, donkey sorpressa(!) and polenta with marjoram. heavy stuff and a very hot venetian day.
we went to celebrate the end of term so it was a rather jolly affair. all those slightly older ladies who insist on saying 'oh no, not wine for me, i hardly drink' etc etc...i counted at least 14 empty wine bottles on the table at the end of lunch.
there were only 24 of us and two of those were 10 months old and another 9 years of age! i myself polished of a bottle of the rather tasty red in no time. i did mix a little with nice cool, sparkling water to make a rather tasty 'sprizz'.

last night was accompanied by a feisty traminer (jermann) and the splendid 'belvedere' polish vodka. oh there was a little, chewy steak and a touch of salad in there too. a quick strum on the old guitar and then it was off to mestre's newest club, 'cielo', up by the airport.
a pretentious place indeed , all 'hollywoodiana' on the outside, there's even a pool inside and several 'themed' areas. all very nice i suppose, but you just can't make up for a slightly desperate clientele and awful music. also slightly over-bright lighting in areas revealed a sad shabbyness which kind of summed it all up.
does that make any sense?

week after next, off to austria for wolf's next wedding!

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