Monday, June 20, 2005

On the Committee

this morning i was unwittingly co-opted on to the 'prima media' end of year exams, examining 'commissione'! i should have been with my class, a year 4 primary class, helping them cheat their exams but i was sucked into the wormhole that is caused by a spanish art teacher who has more than one job, local council italian private education regulations meeting with italian state examination beaurocracy, emerging somewhat dishevelled in a secondary school in zelarino (get a map). to make things better i had to pretend to be the art teacher! then had to sit through thr real crap the poor kids had done in class. i know this class very well, they are all pretty enthusiastic in all areas, to get them to produce crap artwork must have been quite a challenge!
i have proposed a radical change in teaching methods and the abandonment of the italian state programme for art. at present they study mainly art history, (from prehistoric man to modern gothic in an academic year!!!), and there was supposed to be time for practice, in 2 hours a week.

i despair!

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Roger Stevens said...

Those art lessons sound just wonderful.

Starting on our new project soon. It's only 6 months late.

Maybe that's what we'll call it.