Thursday, June 09, 2005

a for effort, b for the storm, c for miles, d for rent....

egad! i am knackered!
it's nearing the end of the academic year and i'm trying to clear up all of the odds and sods that i really should have done by now, then there are the reports to write, proofread those of colleagues, correct the english teacher's grammatical errors, copy and give out, prepare for the disgruntled parents who refuse to accept that little mario* does have psycho/sociopathic tendencies, refuses to eat school dinners, still wets his pants and is fundamentally as thick as pork shop mustard.

well just finished the last report (and spent the past 2 hours battling to configure a new anti-virus/internet protection thingy - the internet protection was very secure, it wouldn't let me connect to the internet! safer than that.......?)

time for a large slug of cabernet sauvignon of local provenance (sp?)
cin cin dear reader!

yours Frank Cabernet XXX

*edoardo's name has been changed to mario for reasons of general privacy and the protection of minors act.

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michael said...

You must be looking forward to those holidays. I know we are. Hazel certainly is as its been rather stressful at MMU with the final year shows to organise and students to slap etc. I have italian translations on my daft new blog so feel free to translate back into serbo croate or hindustani as you see fit!