Saturday, June 11, 2005

oh joy!

oh joy! oh joy!
i have just received as a gift:
one case of 'bianco bianco delle venezie' (ronco del gnemiz, a nice little vinyard in friuli, run by the slightly frightenning serena.
one case on 'estrosa' (pico maccario, mombaruzzo piemonte), fresh and a little lemony!
a nero d'avola - pian dei cembali
a merlot - pian dei salici, sicilia.
and a case of mini bottles of dalmore whisky - pocket size!

tonight i am sampling the rather fruity joys of a bottle of estrosa. dinner this evening was ricotta an spinach canneloni.
from the supermarket! nic is ata wedding do at some fancy villa i am babysitting and still trying to shake off a rather vicious whisky hangover.

can't think of anything else for the mo.

we have found a new apartment, but that's a different entry

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