Wednesday, June 01, 2005

more teeth vicar?

not 30 seconds ago i was fighting that battle - the one where you finaly decide to get off your backside and go and put the kettle on, then come back to finally start the thing you've been putting off all night, but just as you tery to start you begin to hear the kettle...

... and the sound makes you wonder (*) whether there was actually any water in the kettle but you decide to leave it for a while. Then the sound gets a little more worrying so you drag you sweaty carcass back into the kitchen where you find that the kettle is in fact half full.
(*)when yo do finally settle down again the kettle boils around here and the rusted up, decommissioned and left in the locomotive sheds, train of thought you had left and it takes you about ten minutes to write a further 6 1/2 lines.

1 comment:

Roger Stevens said...

Six and a half lines. Not bad. How many letters would that be then?