Sunday, March 05, 2006

ooh! an entry....

this simply isn't good enough!
and not just this blog!

i just don't have the time or energy to get round to this. a hundred thoughts, a hundred things to relate, pictures, musings, happenings...there all still there. i just don't have time to get them onto these pages.

and it's driving me crackers!

along with a lot of other things, all of which are probably far too boring to bother with; like being in a job that actually costs me money to do! and i'm not self employed or trying to set up some business. No. I'm a b1°°dy schoolteacher. a schoolteacher who's being shat on from a great height by the school he's been instrumental in building up.
instrumental, not by doing any great feat, but by being there, being consistent, committed (should have been when i think of all the time and energy i've dedicted to the place), trying to do my very best for those in my charge. the boss is great at making stupid decisions and we (the long term staff) are great at getting the school out of the §h1te. this time however i fear he may have overstepped the mark just that once too often, rubbed my rhubarb the wrong way, p1§§ed on my chips just one too many times...

you see?! i shouldn't be writing about this crap! i should be writing witty and charming stuff, expressing fantastically interesting points of view, sharing stunning images and waxing lyrical over unfeasably cheap, erm decent wines. actually this is being accompanied by a downright impertinant little chianti from the coop. a 2004 chianti from the cortebaldi stables (imbbottigliato da s.c.a.r.l., tavrnelle val di pesa, firenze). a real bottle of cheap plonk - about €3.00, but actually really rather drinkable. a little shallow with an aftertaste of very old ribena (TM) and a feel of the old vick's vapor rub, but drinkable all the same.
on the shelf as i write, dear a 'madonna del piano' brunello do montalcino, riserva 1998. bottled by vicenso abbruzzese on the valdicava vinyards, montalcino. highly recommended and winner of several prizes, i was warned to treat it kindly as it is pretty good - hence it still being there. don't suppose it'd go with a boiled egg sandwich.
the twins are eating us out of house and home! at 18 months! yesterday they had steak, mashed potato and carrots. we had egg sandwiches as there was nowt else to eat, nor will there be unless they pay us!
oops was nearly off again.


i am seriously close to the edge. and that worries me. if i go over they won't pay me. the sheer worry is enough.


State of Being said...


I feel a great sympathy for your plight (having retired from full-time teaching in 2003 after 30 years of it), and at the same time it is fascinating reading.


michael said...

Likewise - sympathetico feelings. Hazel is always stressed by teaching and travelling etc. I don't know how she does it- how anyone does it! I suppose the money helps but it's not nearly enough for all the pain, heartbreak, sleepless nights, cold sweats, delerium tremons and so forth , is it? No. Very glad I didnt get into teaching and remained a lazy slob.

Alan Bowman said...


i still find it strange that people actually read this, despite the fact that i read other peoples' blogs.

i appreciate the comments, thanks again x