Monday, January 30, 2012

New Websites Online

Two new websites online:
art, texts, films etc.  mostly stuff from this blog rehashed and easier to find.  new stuff coming soon!
Alan Bowman iPhoneography:
"A selection of photographs taken and edited on an iPhone 3GS. The idea originally being to simply snap away and see what happened.  This idea gradually evolved into an ongoing, relatively theme free project. I decided that all photos should be taken using only free apps and that they should be worked on only on the phone itself, no Photoshopping etc.  Gradually a loose set of themes emerged: unstudied portraits, images of Venice and Lido where I live, travels and random snaps. There is no particular selection process for images shown, each photo is a record of a moment, a place, an experience, most taken without any real careful thought - the decision to leave in the 'bad' ones was a conscious one, and over time I have begun to appreciate even these photos for what they are - little digital memories of those fleeting moments which often escape us and/or are left to fade, gradually erased by the hassles and necessities of trying to survive daily life in the  21st Century!
Having almost always having had somewhat of an aversion to photography this personal project has begun to open up a whole new set of possibilities for my art, the drawings, objects, performance scores and films are now joined by photographic images.  My art has always been about trying to use the mundanities of everyday life to create something, not necessarily beautiful, but at least interesting or at best curious.
Alan Bowman 2012"

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