Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We is concerned here in the Waugh/Bowman household for Nic fears she may have the 'Mump'. Not the mumps as suffered by many a poor child but the 'Mump'. For she has the soreness on but one side.

Those of us amongst the staff who have consulted the medical dictionary, when we recovered from the shock of the 'Mucus' pages are of the combined and informed opinion that she has a touch of the old sore throat.

The Hooligans were at home again today, Daniel with the fevers and Joseph with the raging snotters, both exhausted were also suffering from the 'getting up at six o'clock in the morning and jumping up and down on mammy and daddy's bed syndrome' i.e. a black humour, lack of appetite and the like.

I lost yet another day's work.

kids eh? can't live with 'em

can you?


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michael said...

I know i must be mad but i miss those days despite all the upset and the nappy changing and the sleepless nights etc. I used to love pushing Archie round to the festival hall to see what was going on and along the river to see what the tide had washed in ( usually a dead rat ).