Wednesday, April 26, 2006


i'd just finished a very good offline entry, ready to cut and paste here, when......

notepad froze! NOTEPAD!!!! i mean that just doesn't happen!

anyway i had writen all about what was happening in te barcelona - milan game, a woman in a black dress, the first mosquito kill of the year and how i was planning to change the spellings of first and least to firts and leats as they seem easier to type.

anyway milan are out of the champions. so hopefully arenal will beat villa real and we'll have a decent final.

pity you can't read the rest of what i'd written, it was really good.

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michael said...

I'm looking forward to it too though not an Arsenal fan as such. I used to live close to the Arsenal ground though when I was about 6 months old in Highbury. I don't remember much about it strangley enough! Maybe under deep hypnosis I could re-call those days and remember something of the atmostphere of match days?